Agricultural Packaging Products Typically Used By Agricultural Farms, It Helps To Prevent Moisture Loss And Improve Crop Yield As Well As Precocity, Also They Are UV Protected And High Tear Resistant. Therefore The % Of UV Stabilizer Can Be Adjusted To Withstand The Number Of Seasons During Which They Are Exposed To Sunlight.

Mulch Film

We produce mulch films for different agricultural purposes. Transparent mulch film is used to encourage early season plant growth and early cropping, whereas black mulch films are used to control weed growth and white films provide reflected sunlight for the plants. In all cases, a more effective use of the available water is achieved. Most mulch films are 10 to 50 microns in thickness and used in widths up to 3 meters.

Green House Film (Under Development)

Co-extruded PE films for covering greenhouses for fruits, vegetables & flower crop production. Whether regular or thermal films, these can be produced for special applications & climate conditions to optimize light transmittance and control temperature fluctuations. Our greenhouse films are all UV protected and high tear resistant. The % of UV stabilizer can be adjusted to withstand the number of seasons during which

Fumigation Film (Under Development)

Co-extruded fumigation film for soil disinfection and protection against destruction of beneficial organisms. Different types of film are used, depending on the type of disinfection to be carried out. Each one is designed with specific characteristics to adapt to different types of disinfection.