Petrochemical Packaging Demands A Robust Protection Of Palletized Resins Against Extreme Dust, Rain, High Temperature Storage And Transit. We Offer A Wide Range Of Products For Catering Needs Of The Petrochemical Industry. Our Products Are Custom-Made To Smoothly Adapt To Petrochemical Packaging Operations As Well As Storage And Transit Standards.

Form Fill & Seal (FFS) Film

FFS or so-called Form Fill and Seal films are widely used in the petrochemical industry or other type industries requiring fully automated and high-speed packaging of granulates, dry chemicals and powders. FFS film packaging is increasingly showing significant cost savings for a completed pack in comparison with pre-made sacks and other forms of packaging.With the machine converting the film into the finished pack, taking out that initial production cost, means you can have more control over how your finished pack looks and performs. In recognition of this, investment has been made in the latest extrusion technology from Reifenhäuser® - Germany so that we can offer the best technical and high quality FFS solutions for your packaging needs. With our expertise we have developed a range of FFS films that perform consistently in both main formats; tubular film and flat sheet film.

Shrink Hood

LDPE thermo shrink (in tubular or sheet form) is used for automated packaging of various products on pallets. It enables stability of pallets in storage and transportation.Shrink film can be printed up to 6 colors with UV protection on demand.
• Film thickness ranging from 20 to 200 microns
• Film circumference up to 5500 mm
• Shrinkage in machine (longitude) and transverse directions
• High holding strength for outstanding pallet stability
• Full protection against dust, water and sunlight
• Automated packaging of construction materials on pallets (bricks, ceramics)
• Automated packaging of glass products on pallets
• Automated packaging in the petrochemical and other industries
• Suitable for manual packaging with a heat torch

Stretch Hood

Petropack Power Stretch Hood films are heavy duty packaging products that have a high degree of stretch-ability and holding allowing the film to be stretched over a load. It then snaps back tightly when released to give a high holding force on the pallet. Our Power Stretch Hood also exhibits high degrees of tear and puncture resistances.
• Excellent film performance (Holds tightly to the pallet)
• Exceptional tear and puncture resistance properties
• Easy seal, excellent stretch performance
• Heat-free safe packaging
• Packaging material saving

Heavy Duty PE Bag

Heavy duty bags are mainly used for products in the agricultural, aggregates & dry chemicals. They can be gusseted, or bottoms sealed and are closed by heat sealing, gluing or stitching. They can easily filled either automatically or manually.
• Heavy duty bags (gusseted, block bottom sealed)
• General purpose handy bags (bags with a handle; shopper and garbage bags)
• Special bags (bags on rolls, pouch sacks, UN approved etc.)