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RAK Petropack is comprised of amazingly talented people who possess a desire for attaining the very finest in everything they carry out. Our people are our chief asset and most essential in realizing our mission to remain the leading manufacturer in terms of quality and reliability. Every person in the company is encouraged to ask questions, propose solutions and express their ideas. We believe that, to make innovation happen and bring about a positive influence, working capital is most crucial. We offer exciting and diverse positions that deal with varied aspects of the flexible packaging sector.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We are equipped with a laboratory which provides all necessary tests on polyethylene films to ensure high standards of product quality and constant customer satisfaction by meeting all technical requirements.

Our Certificates of Analysis (COA) show all mechanical properties of the products for each consignment as per ASTM and ISO standards.

ISO 9001:2015
Emirates Authority
Quality Policy


    4 Lines with a total capacity of 11,500 tons per year for FFS and heavy-duty film production.
    1 Line with a total capacity of 3,600 tons per year for stretch hood, shrink hood and technical film production.
    5 Lines with a total capacity of 2,000 tons per year for PE roll and general-purpose bag production.
    3 off-line flexographic printers (up to 6 colors)
    4 Online flexographic printers (up to 4 colors)
    5 lines with a total capacity of 3500 tons of bags per year.


“We manufacture and supply high-quality products that perfectly align with customer requirements. Every product we make is the outcome of a rigorous process in place to ensure effective results, tailored to technical specifications.

    We invest thorough care towards recognizing customer requirements and identifying the best products to suit their needs. We believe that Well Begun Is Half Done. The specifications are carefully studied to decide and commence the finest resources which will lead to high quality resulting products.
  • MAKE
    Top class materials are chosen depending on the customer specifications followed by verified machinery settings. Systematic attention is given to each technical requirement right from setting to unloading of the finished product, and everything in between to ensure efficiency.
    The finished product undergoes vigorous quality checks to ensure absence of faults and to confirm adherence to quality standards. Various standardized tests are carried out before the product can be deemed deliverable to customers, subject to the approval of Quality Control team.
    As an on-demand manufacturer and supplier, we make sure that our tailor-made products reach our customer’s doorstep. Whether local delivery or international shipping, exhaustive protection is applied to the distribution process to avoid any form of delivery damage. Every successful delivery by us amounts to strengthening our bond with customers.

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